You should ask Matt for recommendations, but soaking it in warm soapy water for a few hours should help disintegrate any mild build-up of soap within the internal part of the handle.

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Hi there- for the number situation, I called the customer last night and we spoke on the phone about it.

In summation, O1 was the first production that we did the laser engraving in house. We had a parameter incorrectly set in the laser engraving software. We didn't notice the repeat of a handful of numbers until we had finished assembly and were ready to ship them out. Rather than cause customers around the world to wait for another few weeks for their orders,  we sent them out.

Perhaps it was the wrong thing to do, but even Gillette had hiccups along the way with their serial numbering and date coding. Most famously in 1971 with the super 109 R R. It was missing the quarter number (1,2,3,4) and had the letter character "R" stamped twice.

[Image: IMG_0518__39596.1443130766.1280.1280.jpg...1563733203]

I offered the customer an exchange, or additional engraving, but after explanation the customer was satisfied. Honestly in 5 years they may be more collectible since a lot of razor history is about these little stories.

As for cleaning - cue tips, tooth brush, dish detergent, and hot water are your best / safest bet. 

Thanks guys, 


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The number issue is totally fine for me. This kind of little mistakes is always happening everywhere.
Only handful of numbers are replicated over 2000 razors.
And it is such a LUCK, we found each other.
I am so surprised. I was thinking I should have got the other pair of my razor. But he has already sold.
(08-07-2019, 09:13 PM)CK89 Wrote: Today is a crazy day, I found one Rex which has exactly same serial number with mine. 
One of the Badgerandblade members is selling his own REX with serial number O1 #1959. 

I have exactly same number, I never sold mine. And I am the only and first owner and never lend.  
I sent my razor photos to him. He was really surprised. Razor Emporium mistakenly duplicated the numbers.
He gave me a permission to share this here. It is crazy that we have same serial numbers, and we found each other. 

His Razor purchased from Maggard:
[Image: BBFB1427-3919-44-BD-87-E4-13-F0651-FCE65-1.jpg]

My razor from Razor Emporium, top one is for my father (his birth year), I have not given him yet. 
[Image: 1550623843794.jpg]
Any idea how many numbers were duplicated?

If it was just the one number and I had one of them, I'd track down the other.

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The numbers are actually different... 195901and 198901
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These both razors 1959 -1989 are mine. 
In the first photo where you can see the razor with a case and a stand, it is showing other guy's razor.
This razor was on sale in Badger and blade, yesterday. That was how I got we had same numbers.

Venice - Italy
Thanks for the transparency in the information. I love the Rex Ambassador because not only is it solid and efficient but it has a grip that nobody else has. I hope that reducing sales costs can be bought and appreciated by everyone. We look forward to the new proposals.

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