Poll: Wolfman Handle 98mm or Standard , Solid or Hollow
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I badly want wrh7 long and wr2 dual comb

Northern NJ
My preference is 90mm solid H1/H2 on both the WR1 head as well as the WR2 head. I do feel the balance is better with those handles on the WR2 head since it is slightly bulkier and heavier than the WR1. I recently acquired my first solid 96mm H3/H7 hybrid handle and used it for the first time last night on a WR2 head. I like it a lot considering I usually don’t like handles longer than 90mm. What I’d like to try next is a sold H3/H7 in 90mm.
(06-10-2019, 04:10 PM)JimmyH Wrote: I've been studying on it. I think if I ever get the chance I'm going to go DC 105 OC, 115 SB, and WH-7 long hollow.
Well I made the above statement and ended up getting the chance. What I got, after further reading/considering, was a WR2 DC 1.15 OC and 1.25 SB. For the handle i selected the long WRH7 hollow. This is roughly the same weight as the Wolfman Darwin, which I already had. I also, in the same drop, got a long solid WRH3.

So I've tried these handles with WR1 and WR2 heads. What can I say, for me they all work. I like all of them on any of the heads ... WR1 OC .61, WR1 DC .074, WR1 .086, and WR2 DC 1.15 OC, 1.25 SB. 

Each handle gives a different feel to the shave of each head, but we intuitively adapt. For me anyway, you can't go wrong whichever handle you choose. All good.  Smile

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