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While my true worst was probably the Derby, at one time I might have said Voskhod. I didn’t like it in anything I tried. Funny thing is, it’s now one of my favorite blades in the Blackbird (though Personna Red is still in the lead for a single-pass shave), or even the Karve if using an E or F plate. OTOH, the Bic Chrome Platinum is my favorite blade in a Mamba and other mild razors, but not so much in more aggressive razors.

I think it’s about more than aggressiveness though - the best honing pattern for use at a steep blade angle seems to be different than for a shallow angle.

As an exaggerated example, a shallow blade angle seems to be best served by a scalpel-like edge (Feather, Bic ?), while a steep angle seems better suited to a more plane/chisel-like edge (Astra, Voskod ?). Disclosure: no, I haven’t examined any of those under a microscope.

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Btw, for anyone with no woodworking experience, planes and chisels can and should be VERY sharp, but they also need to resist chatter and edge curling (along with deflecting the waste material without tearing).

I didn't have very good experience with the green Derby purchased off Amazon. Maybe I got a bad batch but they seem not to cut through anything at all.
Second one would be Treet. well...

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