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Toronto, Ont. Canada
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Speed - O - Matic outfit.
Everything you need for quick on the spot pictures. Perhaps only 10-15 minutes.

[Image: IMGP4783.jpg]

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Nikon D90. Though I still have the Voigtlander that my dad used to take our family pictures in the 1950s.

[Image: 8Tt5IUVl.jpg]

And here's a pic of me, taken by him with that camera:

[Image: dbVoCAUm.jpg]
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Toronto, Ont. Canada
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Eastman Conley Kewpie No. 3 Circa 1917.
Quarter Plate = 124 Film = 2-1/4" x 3-1/4" print.

[Image: IMGP7813.jpg]

The camera was very dusty so I used a duster and then a damp cloth to clean it.
It photographed like a solid lump of textureless coal. Dead black!
I took a small cloth and wrapped it around a teaspoonful of flour then patted it as I held it over the camera. A little dusting with a small paintbrush and it was ready for its debut.
It was a most cooperative subject.

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Cando, North Dakota
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Currently Nikon D3300, i have multiple senses and filters and all that jazz.

I've been a fan of nikon since my youth when my father bought me my first in Hong Kong, a model purchased there before it hit the market in the states. I've used a few other brands since but i keep returning to nikon.

If it's not my nikon then it's my cell phone. ha ha ha
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