How can i upload a picture from my laptop and from my phone ?

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If you click on the orange Post Reply button, it will have a menu at the top where you can find either an icon to Post an Image (14th) or Post a Link (15th).
Or you can post a link, directly, from an independent image server/provider, like ImageShack or Imgur, if you have one.
I hope this helps.
I would show you using visuals, but, unfortunately, I am not computer savvy.

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Another way is to go to the bottom of the page where you will see three blue buttons.  Click the "Open full editor" one on the right.  When that opens, you will see a tool bar across the top of the reply box.  Click the black box with the white "i" in it and then click on the photo you want to use.  The photo will then be posted.

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Try downloading an app called Tapatalk & you can then upload photos to this forum.

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