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[Image: QzXLO8c.jpg]

[Image: Lgsl51K.jpg]

[Image: s8QVxsh.jpg]

[Image: 2r1WM09.jpg]

[Image: B2cD4Lc.jpg]

[Image: E6sfIMP.jpg]

[Image: sg712e8.jpg]

My son, my pride!

[Image: CoSUdI9.jpg]

The heaviest ornament

[Image: FVw4cAf.jpg]

[Image: bhwBMuC.jpg]

Gold market

[Image: hHGbp1m.jpg]

[Image: xFrhu3E.jpg]

[Image: 8ejLWsf.jpg]

[Image: M08EJ0r.jpg]

[Image: oUqAHyQ.jpg]

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Suum cuique

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A son is a blessing. Thanks for the great pictures.

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How Wonderful !
Now all those mililons of homeless, starving "refugees" can have some hope of food and housing - and a shave.

Did not meet in one emir starving and there is no homeless, it there in principle.
Suum cuique
Great photos.

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