These days I don't travel as much as I did in the past. On January 4, however, I have a date at my VA hospital for knee replacement. On August 3, I had the right knee replaced. This time it is in the left knee. I will spend three days on the recovery floor after surgery, and in all likelihood a week to 10 days on the rehabilitation floor. That's what happened during the first operation.

It's not as if I'm soaring with pleasure in the South of France, but hey, we do the best we can.

I'm not sure if I'll feel like shaving the first three days of recovery; on the rehab floor I'm sure I'll take every chance I can for a good shave. Photographed is my usual set up for travel. Each trip has specific requirements. This one is designed for my hospital stay.

My wet pack, in luscious leather, is a replica of what British officers were known to have used in the 1920s or so. I love this style of wash kit; it holds everything I need. The top pocket holds the personal bathroom stuff. The shave brush is the Simpson Duke 3 synthetic and the razor the RazoRock Game Changer.

The pocket below it holds blades, a little knife with scissors, finger nail clippers and finger nail file. The two main pockets on the bottom hold the pre-shave (Castle Forbes), shaving cream (OneBlade lavender) and styptic pencil, on the right, and witch hazel, aftershave balm (OneBlade lavender) and British Sterling aftershave splash, on the right.

So gentlemen, what is your general travel set up?

[Image: AALpqzJ.jpg]
[Image: T7H8PO7.jpg]
[Image: EJpcnOE.jpg]
[Image: XtBYCzY.jpg]

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Nice kit. All the best in your coming procedure. You'll be dancing in no time! Happy2
(12-30-2018, 08:42 PM)Marko Wrote: Nice kit.  All the best in your coming procedure.  You'll be dancing in no time! Happy2

Marko, my friend, thank you.

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Love that wet-pack Obie! And good luck with the knee replacement. My mom and father-in-law have both had that done in the past few years.

I did more traveling than I prefer this past year but was able to find a good set-up due to the number of times traveled.

Razor: Game Changer 0.84
Soap: WSP - i like the smaller tin for travel purposes
AS: L&L Grooming After the Rain
Brush: Grizzly Bear handle with a 24mm BOSS knot

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Thanks for the kind words.
I like your set up. It has everything you need. well done.
Happy New Year.

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