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(02-02-2019, 03:16 PM)jags009 Wrote: Though winters are going to end in a few weeks, I ended up buying some Shea butter from Amazon. Current hand creams were not solving the purpose as my hands were all cracked and at some areas I could see them bleed.

I hope unrefined Shea butter might be able to give some comfort and I intend to use it in summer time too. Fingers crossed.

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Be sure to report back. I use it all year round. Just use more during the winter.

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I found the parcel delivered at home when I came back from office yesterday. I took a day off today so was indoors and have used Shea butter diligently these last 24 hrs. Hands do look nourished and skin a bit healthier today.

Real test will happen tomorrow when I report to work and stay outdoors. By the look of things, I think it will help me beat the effects of harsh winter.

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Thanks for the tip,

"I've heard some state that unrefined Shea can go "off" and that may be the case but I keep it in smallish two oz jars and have never had one go rancid. (Keep the big tub in the refrigerator)".

I had 1 lav scented shea butter unrefined from MW. It was a PIF and I thought the scent was off, (it DID work great though),
didn't buy any after that but will do now with refrigerator stowing in mind.

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