Have 3 Sprechers awaiting clearance in customs here in Australia , will be my first straights with smiles , took the advice from Max himself , the wait is a killer! Wondering how you guys store your straights? Back in box sent in , or have a storage system? Cheers
I have the straight razor roll that TheSuperiorShave sells. It is made out a cloth material impregnated with a rust inhibiting substance.

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Thanks Dan , will check it out

Max Sprecher
Las Vegas, NV

first and foremost you always have to completely dry your razor when done. I like to keep my razor in the open position for a while after drying as humidity and water can still be trapped between the scales. Some like to use oil to protect the razor from oxidation and rust. I personally have never done so as I use my razors often, live in the desert with a very . low level of humidity, dry my razors to perfection and I find it a drag to constantly having to wipe the razor clean of oil before each shave. Now for longterm storage I do advise to coat the razor with a protective oil. If you use camelia oil be careful as it will become gooey after a prolonged period of time. It is however a great oil for short term applications. As to storage. I keep mine in a drawer on a micro cloth. Some use a razor stand. Everyone has their own way. There is no right or wrong. As long as you keep it away from humidity and are diligent at keeping the razor dry and protected you will be just fine.
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Thankyou Max , answered all of my questions , hopefully they are not too far away ..my ZZ Top look isn't too favourable in the wife's eyes hahahaha

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