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The list is now full.

I'll post the names up as soon as I get all the info on each person on the list.

It may take a little time my friends as I have a very early appointment tomorrow morning and I also will post up the last Shave Off as well tomorrow in the afternoon. If anyone has more questions about how the Janus razor shaves please feel to ask me. If it's about the mechanics of the razor please ask Eric. Tomorrow the razor heads to Mark Shavemd and he will post more Shave Offs. I'll be checking in as well.

Thanks gentlemen and great shaves!

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Here is the list of members who made the list. We did some figuring out and we were able to have 9 instead of 8 so I'm happy we could get one more on the list. Some members on the list have made it known that they are not only interested in trying out the Janus razor but they are or have already signed up for the kickstarter program. I had quite a few people who either pm me on here or that know me and sent an email or text. I had to look at everyone's history and make decisions. So if you are not on the list please don't take it personally this was a tough choice to narrow it down to 9. Also for those that didn't make the list I'm glad to announce there will likely be another pass around in the future with the possibility of a closer to or maybe even a production version.

If you name is on the list I will send you a request for all your contact info within the next day or two and I will send you some simple instructions on how to proceed with the pass around.

1. Rawfox1"
2. TheHunter"
3. Sharp_Obsession
4. Keyhole
5. AJSharp"
6. HoosierShave"
7. MarsEnglish"
8. Smurfups77
9. Kingfisher

Thank you Gentlemen


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Had the last Shave Off this morning using the Janus on # 9 and put it up against the Charcoal Goods Level 3 SB. Had a excellent 2 pass shave and I’ll write up the report when I get home this afternoon.

Shavemd Mark the razor will be on its way to you to continue the comparisons to some of the razors in your den.


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