Hi all I just pick this up on ebay Eversharp Schick Injector
I was wondering if you guys have
some info on it and is it any good as a razor? I have never owned an
Also can someone give me a recommendation on the new blades to buy and maybe where?
I paid $30 including postage
thanks in advance

[Image: schick1.jpg]

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I have a couple of Schick Injectors, including an adjustable, and get excellent shaves from them.  While there had been several iterations of it over the years, the concept and type of blade has remained the same.  These blades, now made in China, are great and are specifically made for your type of injector.  Amazon (and Amazon Marketplace) sells them in various number of packs per order: https://www.amazon.com/Schick-Injector-B...g=UTF8&me=.

I hope this helps and perhaps others will chime in with more information.

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It's a fine razor. Make sure if the head is empty not to use the first blade as the edge will likely be damaged in loading. The second blade should be fine

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Thanks guys I'm looking forward to its arrival it was posted on the 14/8 from Greece
so a bit of await I will look into the blades then I love trying a new bit of razor history

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