I am in the middle of a yearly sabbatical with no plans to drop out. Unlike many of us here, I don't have way too much product. I had enough to last a year, to be sure, but I am definitely going to restock come January 1st.

I have a thick beard, so I greatly value the ability to go back over places without having to reapply product. I have found over the past few years that, paradoxically, some of the slickest products are not strictly soaps or creams. An example of this would be DSC's Shave Butter. All things considered, I have yet to find a product that works for me better.

That being said, I love to read reviews, and am targeting a list of products to try. I have some questions I hope you can help me with!

When I need a quick shave, DSC Butter, or, Stephen's Stay Smooth on top of any tubed cream work wonders. These are my benchmarks. I am also considering:

Feather Hi-Shave Moist Gel
Mandom Gatsby Shave Gel
Trader Joe's Mango Shave Gel

Are any of you able to compare these to DSC Butter, or Stephan's Stay Smooth?

I am also considering some highly reviewed creams. The caveat being, I have already tried La Toja, Nivea, The Body Shop Macca Root - pretty highly rated creams - and found them lacking in comparison to my benchmarks.

Do any of you know if Hesperite, Helmsman, Elvado, and Lea perform substantially better than either my benchmarks or the creams I mentioned in the paragraph above?

Finally, in terms of soap, I have already pretty much settled on Grooming Department. However, Shannon's soaps look promising. Do any of you know how these two compare?

St. Louis, MO
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