Have a Lupo on the way, interested to try it out. I don’t love super light razors so I plan on getting a heavier handle onto it after a shave or two to compare.
Unfortunately this razor didn’t workout for me.

Shaved with my new gold Razorock Lupo today for the first time. Voskhod blade (2nd use) and Stirling Scots Pine Sheep soap. Amazingly, this razor is very smooth and surprisingly efficient. Due to the small head, I shaved very close under my nose and near my ears. BBS in 3 passes with nearly no effort and no weepers. I have not shaved with a light weight razor that I liked until now. Truthfully, I am stunned. This is by far the best razor I have used at this price point. I also believe that this razor performs equally, if not better, than all of my other favorite razors, including the Razorock GC .68/.84. I do not know if I should be ashamed to say this, but the Lupo is now in my top 3!

Question for those who have shaved with both the WR1 and the Lupo: Do they shave "relatively" the same, since they have the same architecture (even though there is a weight difference)?

If so, then architecture "outweighs" the other parameter (pun intended).
IMHO, this razor proves that it is not the price of the razor, but the quality of the shave that ultimately determines the true worth to the shaver.
I plan to buy another Lupo to use as my travel razor.

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I’m going to bump the Lupo up in my rotation. I was very impressed with my first trial run with it.
I just had three shaves with the new Timeless Al and would like to do a comparison. To my surprise, I’m currently favoring the Lupo despite the Timeless.95 Sb being a top three razor for me.
Regardless, I appreciate the efforts of both companies in introducing such high quality and affordable razors to the market. It’s a great time to be a wet shaver and one doesn’t need to break the bank to get a great shave.

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Had my first shaves with both, the Timeless I prefer by a lot but just one shave . Both using BIC. [Image: 36135523d1f43af788b1e11c820af738.jpg][Image: 5ec23f41cbcb894ee17ef2b9f6079559.jpg]

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I got one of these out of curiosity and I think it's good for the price.

I'll just PIF this one to a family member or something.

I'm definitely not the biggest wolfman fan or hater but the Lupo isnt comparable IMO. the former beats it in every aspect except price, but if you put that aside for a moment it is a nice razor for the price.

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For those seeing that the Lupo is an excellent performer despite the very low price, you should check out the RR Hawk (SE/artist club).
Another great shaver and excellent price.

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Lupo /BIC. Swapped the stock handle for more weight and put a couple coats of wax on the head. Much more enjoyable shave vs stock. Solid 9.0 on the beard, not as efficient on my head where the Enders had more pick ups then expected.[Image: 9e56e49907b3d6d3f5936d877495b002.jpg]

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A limited edition of the Lupo in stainless steel is about to drop https://twitter.com/razorockJoe/status/1...8852177926

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Lupo in stainless would be interesting if it had a larger gap for a more efficient shave

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