Living on the edge
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These don't come around too often, so I was surprised when a handful showed
up on a facebook BST group. They're probably still around if you hurry.

There was definitely a bull mastiff in there along with a burl wood tipped
one and a couple of others. Im not looking for any handles so just passing on
the info.

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On the DFS BST?

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Living on the edge
No, on FB.

Living on the edge
Not bad at all. Think the one on the right in the first pic is gone...but the one in the second pic is stunning as well[Image: yYX3NHa.jpg]

[Image: PhapYF6.jpg]
(08-06-2019, 02:02 PM)Tester28 Wrote: No, on FB.

I guess for those of us that are not knowledgeable of these sources, could you give a little more info, like a link?

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