Obviously people are getting these into Canada, I was asked and told they can`t be shipped here.

Maybe someone can help.

I don`t get it as I have the original first chief sent to me by Ken.

So It could be sent to me then but not now.

Anyone who can shed light into the situation let me know, please.
I was just about to post a comment that us poor Canadians will never get to know the joy of a Paladin since they won't ship them up north.

Oh well.

New Jersey
People can, I suppose, purchase from the second hand market.

Or, if you know someone in the forums, you can ask for their help. I, for example, won't mind if someone who I have interacted in this forum, ships a Paladin to my address, and I have to ship it to Canada/UK, of course w/o any charge.
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Ferndale, MI
A very generous offer Sourav!
- Jeff
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Another sad sign of deteriorating relations predicted by that great American patriot John Candy and unfortunate spy coin incident. Word is Ottawa has quietly begun issuing reserve stocks of Ross rifles at key border points. That and our ever changing and frustrating customs laws.

Gilbert, AZ, USA
[Image: RlVtn7Z.jpg][Image: bxhpoAB.jpg]

I usually prefer more traditional colors, but this Brush looks outstanding in person. Glad to add a funky color to the mix in such a fun handle design, this brush will definitely brighten my day when I'm trying to wake up in the morning. The knot looks outstanding. I feel spoiled with these 28mm knots, but I have so many soaps it just makes good sense!
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[Image: aetu9cG.jpg]
This is the famous Murano glass from Italy. Multi colored art glass has been found dating back to the Etruscans. So this is in it's own way traditional and in shaving future traditional. Anyone claiming originality on this one is just showing ignorance of design history along with LMF. I like it.
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