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i have one of the these in v1 and used the blue plate a little while back, i really like it because of the weight and i had no issues with blade alignment like some have had in the past. will use the gold or yellow plate i believe the more aggressive plate some time in the near distant future. i doubt that i will buy the v2 because the v1 is alright with me.
I wonder if they will release a stainless steel version of this razor. This week mine came up in the rotation and I just love it.

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Chicago, IL USA
LOVE to see this in SS!

I dig the colours PAA used in both versions, I’ve only had the pleasure of using V2, it’s been a trophy in my catch and release program

[Image: X5M4zJq.jpg]

this razor is more convenient for me with the heavy handle from timeless. it shaves ideally.

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