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Hi folks!

Here’s a spectacular mail call. This is an old promise and I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to my friend Kenneth Lynn. Man, you make the best shaving brushes out there and ebonite are more than spectacular. Thanks you Ken.

Chief 26mm Cumberland Honey Ebonite

[Image: 067d14585d0585acdac194029fb7f06d.png]
[Image: 5dc974bbeb6ba41b37b4628b3c1e5b1f.png]
[Image: f8d7fe2581d4af0e9ec936f2afb98097.jpg]
[Image: e2802dd0ebb619c6a37e0f1567876146.jpg]

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Europe, Croatia
Wow, nice brush

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Europe, Croatia
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Mail call

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The Land of OZ
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Yesterday mail called:- Finally got my bare hands on the Gillette Aristocrats No. 66 made in England 1952-53, this vintage razor has cost me my bloody kidney.......OUCH!!

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