why can i not contact the person from who i like to buy from 
i get a  notice i dont have permission for that tread to Buy ?
can someone explain me how it works ?
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I believe you've not been a member long enough to private message.you can always ask the moderators of the sites for the exact time limits.


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Wvdb73 , you need to be registered for 14 days and have a minimum of 10 posts

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It's probably related to this: https://damnfineshave.com/thread-why-can...um-section
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It is frustrating when you're too new to message or participate in the BST. 

However, many members are on more than one forum, and some use the same screen name.

If you've got the requisite time to utilize messaging on another shaving forum check and see if the member you want to contact isn't a member there as well.
I had the same question. Thanks for the clarification.

I just found the same sale posting using a different app.

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