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Came home to read more of the 'chatter' thread in DE Razors only to find it COMPLETELY deleted.

May I ask why was the 'chatter' thread deleted instead of simply locked? I'm new here but that seems awfully punitive.

I confess I didn't see it to it's end maybe it deteriorated to a 'you're the one, no you're the one" thread I don't know. But the discussion I saw was productive, useful and well reasoned by detractors while the maker deftly defended his engineering choices. Seems locking for posterity more useful.

Thank you

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I had a look and see no evidence of deterioration in conduct leading to moderator intervention. It looks like the OP deleted his original post resulting in the thread being deleted. I’ve seen that happen before. I’ll check with andrewjs18 to see if it’s possible to restore it. It looks like there was useful discussion going on.

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I restored the thread. Check it out to confirm.

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Got it.

Thank you.
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the only people who can lock threads on DFS are admins, super mods and the merchants, within their merchant sections only.

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Isn't the enduring value of a forum it's archive, the broad collection of wisdom by enthusiast over time?

Thanks gents and specifically Marko.

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Mark Twain — 'The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.'

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Absolutely eeyore , there is a ton of information on DFS - if you go back to post #1 of the Barrister and Mann merchant thread you can find a wealth of information from when Will used to post frequently and respond to questions both good and sometimes silly (sorry probably me). The fragrance thread by churchilllafemme hosts an incredible wealth of information. If you ever have the time and go knocking around the old threads I guarantee it will be time well spent.

If it were possible andrewjs18 to change things so that posters can delete their posts as the original poster / originator of a thread without deleting the thread that would be good. I think that once a person launches a thread it becomes property of the forum and shouldn't be deleted on a whim.

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