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New Jersey
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Winner: /u/97runner over at reddit.

Hi Folks,

To celebrate the independence of the country where I am living for the last 5 years (LEGALLY, so hang up if you are calling ICE!!), I am offering a complete lapping film maintenance setup that includes:

   4 sheets of 3um lapping film (~7K grit)

   4 sheets of 1um lapping film (~12K grit)

   One flat base

   Some 0.3um film that can sometimes give you harsh edges

Who are eligible: if you live in CONUS, have 25 posts in this forum/subreddit, you are good. Even if you are an experienced honer but never used lapping film, you are welcome as well (in this case, just PIF once you are done playing). (I would love to include folks at Straight Razor Honing over at Facebook, but I have taken an extended break from FB, so if you are from that place, you are welcome too)

Does it work: yes it does!! I have shaved over 100 times with edge(s) I got from this setup. I sent my razors for external honing and asked them to hone using Naniwa 12K and found that my edges are comparable if not better.

Then why am I giving away: I purchased a few stones which are simply more convenient to use (you don't have to make sure there is no bubble!!)

PM me if you wanna know how to use this if google, youtube fails you Smile

Giveaway open till Sunday 11pm (Eastern)

Give yourself a number if you are in starting from 200 ( say the person above you is number 1, you are 2).

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