DFS Movember Lot #2 is now live!! Read more here!!

(10-28-2018, 05:44 PM)Marko Wrote:
(10-28-2018, 01:05 AM)TheHunter Wrote:
(10-28-2018, 12:52 AM)Marko Wrote: What do you think of Sweet Lemon?  I have Contemplation and its nice, subtle but nice.

I agree with you on the performance of the DG soap - its one of the very best.  I think the L&L soap base started out pretty darn good and then continued to improve and its hard to find any fault with it now.

I really enjoy Sweet Lemon. It’s definitely Gourmand, and to me smells just like Lemon Cake that my Grandmother used to make. My five year old Daughter really enjoys the scent when I use it as well!

Declaration Grooming’s Icarus Base is one of my top three performers, simply outstanding Soap.

OK, I'm getting it. Big Grin If a five year old likes it thats enough for me. Its nice to get feedback, especially the positive kind! Just yesterday I was applying aftershave and my wife called out from the bedroom, "mmm, that smells nice" - it was PAA Pineapple Bay Rum Happy2

I enjoyed all the summer scents but didn’t buy the lemon. I did however take advantage of the sales on them and picked up a fresh shore set to take to Hawaii.

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