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What have you managed to add to your shave den this month? Winking

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Mail called today

[Image: 336-D47-B5-3-D2-D-48-DC-BC29-7-C56-F28-BEEA4.jpg]

Plunder smells very smoky like burning smoke from a bushfire when I open the tub, and does anybody knows what Grog smells like according to the scent label.

I have no idea what frozen space smells like when I opened the tub of Orbit according to the scent label, any idea’s or do I have to send an email to NASA and asked them what frozen space smells like.

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Just received 100 Gillette Nacet blades (on sale at Italian Barber) and the Razorock 400 (Synthetic Noir Plissoft Knot) Butterscotch Brush. Used the brush today and I loved it. The long handle and design keep the cream from dripping onto your hands. The brush is soft and is a lather monster. Also, their knot is not only soft, but has enough backbone for most soft and hard soaps. It is based on the old Rubberset Brush which must have been fantastic in it's day.

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[Image: cDYJ7qW.jpg]

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Today's mail call:

[Image: l0l9hIf.jpg]

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Tallow Art of Shaving Sandalwood shaving soap
[Image: SCN5UhW.jpg]

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Timeless TI .68 SB & Supply level 2 & 3 plates. The Timeless easily beat out the Supply razor.

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Looking forward to your report!churchilllafemme Wrote:Tallow Art of Shaving Sandalwood shaving soap
[Image: SCN5UhW.jpg]
Looking forward to your report.
[Image: jVLgUoJ.jpg]
I guess I’ll be trying out new blades for the next year or two.  Big Grin

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I’ve never used an SE before. I’m looking forward to giving this one a go once my coated blades arrive from over seas.
I have no idea how old this GEM is. The razor is in excellent working condition and almost looks brand new. The case is in good shape too, but does seem more antique. It has the original money back guarantee, if I don’t like the shave (69 cents).
[Image: BlTgFXA.jpg]
[Image: JLes2fl.jpg]
My mom recently picked this up for me. She is a retired teacher but works at an antique shop once a week or so in lieu of her booth fee. I actually have her to thanks for starting me down this path when she gave me an excellent condition Fatboy many years ago. Two great finds!

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