[Image: t0MUsRI.jpg][Image: VSrCjVL.jpg]

I just received this Leonidam brush by Davide in Italy. What an amazing piece! The knot is superb too!!!

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[Image: ZqncoMl.jpg]

My first ebonite and I’m pretty pumped. Love the color and the depth of the resin.

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expert shaver
Port Saint Lucie
Wolfman WR2 with WR2 handle (solid) sb with a 1.55 gap. I went for the standard polish but it sure looks like a high polish finish.

[Image: gbwWn4S.jpg]

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Феникс и Бо Ахиллес Последняя битва
[Image: 31tbS.jpeg]

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Mail call from[Image: HrIwbu6.jpg] GroomingDept !

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Just received a Georgetown Pottery G12 scuttle. 

[Image: 1GU9cKQ.jpg][Image: bT7Czro.jpg]

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[Image: 45aa595b28e0.jpg]
[Image: 08642d9afaf9.jpg]
[Image: a55c24c90b17.jpg]

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[Image: 40skpmC.jpg]

Grizzly Bay with a 26 mm V5 Fanchurian.

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Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
Ginger's Garden Colonia aftershave.  The test will be its fragrance and feel on my skin, but in the bottle it smells great.
[Image: 0GoHSdv.jpg]

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