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Hi all,

We recently added a new feature that'll allow users to give their feedback from transactions they've made with other users in the bst forum. There's two ways to add feedback, either directly inside a thread in the bst section or from within a user's profile. Adding feedback from within a thread is easier as it'll automatically link the thread in the feedback, but I'll explain how to do it both ways.

Giving feedback from within a thread:

1- visit the bst thread (note, the button only appears in the bst forum)

2- click on the 'Give Feedback' button on the bottom left of the post:

[Image: aWPXdMv.jpg]

3- once redirected to the feedback page, you're able to change the role and the rating:

[Image: OIyGwwx.jpg]

[Image: TrzIDm9.jpg]

4- leave a comment and click the 'add feedback' button.

Giving feedback from a user's profile:

1- visit the user's profile

2- click on the 'trade feedback' tab:

[Image: Bju8v1d.jpg]

3- change the role and rating, if necessary:

[Image: OIyGwwx.jpg]

[Image: TrzIDm9.jpg]

4- add a link if you want

5- leave a comment and click the 'add feedback' button.

Once feedback is added, users will receive a PM and an alert. As always, user's can adjust their alert settings in their user cp if they do not wish to get alerts when someone leaves feedback for them:

[Image: hHu0S0y.jpg]

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Nicely done, Andrew, and a great addition to the site. Smile

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