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3 passes. With, across, then against the grain plus touch-ups if needed.

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I will do 3 passes plus some touch up for each shave. I'll do the classic WTG, XTG and ATG and the final touch up is just below and above my jaw line all the way up to my side burns. My beard grows in all sorts of crazy directions. The good thing is that once I paid attention to how my beard grows and I mapped it out, my shaves became BBS.

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3 passes with a 4th for pick ups

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I do usually 3 + a cleaning pass
I usually stop at 2 when using the Muhle R41, unless I use very slicky soap (Body shop or artisan)

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Bay Area, CA
3 passes (1 WTG, 1 XTG, 1 ATG).

Only time I do 2 passes is if there is a ton of irritation and that is very rare.

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2. Wtg followed by an ATG.

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Northern NJ
2 passes wtg and xtg. No cleanup/touch up needed. A third pass doesn’t change things enough to be worth it.

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I do a 3.5 pass shave usually.

Pass 1: Cheeks WTG, Neck XTG but in a kind way.

Pass 2: Cheeks XTG, Neck XTG, but changing the angle a bit

Pass 3: Cheeks Whatever (they always get a good shave no matter what), Neck XTG, but with buffing/focus on problem areas

Pass 4: Neck only, with final buffing and careful attention to problem areas

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Manitoba, Canada
2 passes is good for me. I used to to 3 but I found the xtg pass to be a waste of time so I just do a WTG and AGT pass. I no longer chase BBS, I just want a nice comfortable shave.

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