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(02-26-2019, 06:57 PM)Robini Wrote: I figured I would share what I found to be the most effective way to implement the pre shave.  I have tried several different methods and find this to work best.

1. Scoop desired amount of pre shave from container and spread it on a dry hand.  I use an amount roughly the size of a pea.
2. Rub dry hands together to spread product on surface of both hands. (I found that if this is done while hands are wet, clumps of product is left behind)
3. Pass one hand under running warm water to get wet.
4. Rub hands together again to create wet film.
5. Rub wet hands on dry (ish) face creating light white film.
6. Build lather, in my case in a lather bowl letting PS sit on face.
7. Lather up and shave as normal.

I hope this was helpful!  

**My process for the rejuvenating serum is just about the same and seems to work well.
Thanks Robini.  I use the preshave without fail and with extremely satisfying results, so this seems like a good time to trade notes.  As I will explain below, my procedure varies slightly depending on whether I prep with a shower or a hot water sponge soak.

  1. My brush is always soaked and my beard thoroughly moistened before applying the preshave.  Everything else (razor, towels, etc.) is also set up and ready to go.
  2. I remove the brush from the soak water and shake it just prior to application.
  3. I use a metal collar stay to scoop out a pea-sized (~6-7mm) dollop of preshave.
    The next step depends on the prep.
  4. I'm already standing at the sink after the sponge soak, so my skin is moist, but I towel dry my goatee.  Otherwise water gradually drips down the neck, and it is generally excessive.
  5. OTOH, if I have showered, my skin may dry before I get to the preshave.  I find that dipping my hands lightly in water and rubbing them briefly over the face works fine.  
    In either case ...
  6. I dry my hands and apply the preshave.  I have been using the collar stay to dab portions on each cheek and each side of the neck, but I will probably switch to Robini's method and just spread the product on my dry hands.  It seems quicker, simpler, and likely just as effective.
  7. Either way, I wipe off the collar stay on the inside of the bulb.  (Waste not, want not. Smile)
  8. I rub in the preshave for a minute to minute and a half.
  9. I usually rinse off my hands, dry them, and then bowl lather.
  10. On the first pass, I make sure to spend a minute or two doing figure eights and swirls with a mildly splayed brush before doing painting strokes.  My understanding is that this transfers some of the preshave to the brush.

Rejuvenating Serum
My procedure for the Rejuvenating Serum (RS) is simpler.  After everything else but cologne/perfume/EDT ...

  1. Dry hands.
  2. Shake the bottle.
  3. Apply a small amount (~10 "drops", with "drops" in quotes because I am guessing at the exact volume).
  4. Rub hands together.
  5. Apply gently - no need to rub hard, if at all.

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The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our razors, but in our technique.

I have no real specific method when using this product, but I will say that it seems to work really well. My usual method is to face lather, so I apply a little bit more of the preshave between passes.

My shave always follows a hot shower. I like the collar stay idea, I was really fancy and cut an old credit card in half length wise. Works great! I also use it to scoop soap from the tub and spread in the bottom of my lathering bowl.

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Super product. I now use this before every shave. Adds additional slickness and leave your face baby soft.

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