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Worth the 20.00 a bottle? All day staying power? I dig American Blend as a scent... but at 20 bucks a bottle better last most the day...

The old Fine aftershaves have the best staying power of any that I've used. They used to be $15, but ever since the price hike, there have been rumors that the scents are weaker. I haven't used a new bottle so I don't know if there's any truth to those claims. But for such a simple formula with zero skin goodies, the price increase doesn't make sense (scents?), especially if they are lighter in strength.
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Good? Yes - in fact very good for the type of product that it is.   Worth it?  Not to me.  I'm partial to the Fine L’Orange Noir.  As far as minimalist aftershaves go, I think the Fine is very well done, but not "last all day" well done and not 20 bucks worth of well done either. I have a variety of splashes from other makers that are cheaper, that I like as well or better, and some of which have skin food as well.
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I really like them. They smell and feel good and the scent lasts. What more can you ask for? haha I like Fine L'Orange Noir and Snake bite the most.

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They're good from my perspective and the Orange Noir is closest think to TdH have encountered but partial to Pitralon
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They are decent, but I prefer the Proraso green over them.
I have not tried them but you can’t go wrong with Epsilon for the price.

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I like them a lot And L'Orange Noir is a favorite. Also Santal Absolut is very nice. In fact my very favorite. L'Orange Noir will last about 8 hours. Santal Absolut goes all day. American Blend is a stayer too. I just picked up another bottle of L'Orange Noir and I can confirm it is not as potent as its elder sibling.
I've not used any since the price increase but mine had remarkable staying power. The only one I have left is Sandalwood. Because it's so intense and long-lasting I use it only when I'm really in the mood to smell that fragrance all day.

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I bought all of mine when they went for $14.99 I believe but I really like em. The ones I would and probably will buy again are Platinum, Fresh Vétiver and American Blend. The ones I'll pass on are L'Orange Noir, Clean Vetiver and the Lavender and Sandalwood ones.
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