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OK...so there is a little bit left in the tub. But I used 42 yesterday and could not get a good load on the brush and the lather was horrible. I ended up having to supplement the lather with some TOBS Eton College (BTW, the two scents complemented each other well). As far as I'm concerned, this one is done.

[Image: CFHMEbo.jpg]

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Next up, Oleo soap Windy City!

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Storybook Hallward's Dream. Quality soap in all categories.

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One of my favorite scents of the last few years.

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One bottle of Pinaud Eau de Portugal.

I'm going to miss it. Works well as an aftershave, scent is nice but doesn't linger which means it doesn't interfere much if I wear cologne. But I have so much aftershave now.

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MW Lily of the Valley (2 oz shave stick which I put in a PTEG jar)

Eventually, I will purchase another LoV but first, several other soaps will need to be sold/traded/finished.

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