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so excited for this! I hope you have success.

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Here's the photos of the items I recently received. I received 8 mustache waxes from WSP...it looks like the 2nd photo didn't save on my phone - I'll retake the photo tonight! thank you everyone!

Here's the 4 soaps and aftershaves from dominicr:

[Image: FRk3SFW.jpg]

[Image: PO0puCP.jpg]

[Image: A7OQQQw.jpg]

Soap & matching aftershave from CaD314:

[Image: 0iQA6dB.jpg]

4 soaps and 4 razors from MrFine:

[Image: cE37kow.jpg]

[Image: lVkW6zW.jpg]

[Image: sh1I4Uo.jpg]

[Image: e2sAWXS.jpg]

mustache waxes from wetshavingproducts:

[Image: 9fxfgPb.jpg]

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