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It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
Northeast, USA
I was looking forward to a revamped and sleeker version of the Brass General. But, SS will work just as good and I can understand the decision to go with the 303 SS.

Personally I prefer a heavier weighted razor as it helps my technique as to no pressure and letting the razor do most of the work. Light weight makes me revert to old habits of cartridge style razors which most of the time gave a decent shave but with substantial irritation because of increased pressure.

Still, I'm in whenever the new version is ready......

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Is Brass out of the picture? I like SS but would have loved to get one in brass
We have chosen to go with only stainless steel at this point for a few reasons:

1. Stronger than brass and a better option for the threaded rod concept for this version 2 razor.
2. More customers prefer a razor that does not require maintenance.
3. We have plans to offer a high polish option at a later date. Polished SS looks sweeter than polished brass IMHO.

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Three aluminum razors stocked at colonialrazors.com of our original design. Last remaining stock that we never put on the website.
I have both the aluminium and brass V1 General, and I have to say that the Al one is my favourite.

The Feather AC blades are sharp! I prefer to have the blade to the work cutting hair and not to sacrifice maneuverability by making the razor heavy and unwieldy. I feel that the excess weight just masks a blade that's going dull and the resulting shaves are never as good as with a light razor and sharp blade.

Just my own personal preference, of course. It probably comes from my background shaving with straights - it's the same there: lighter blades make me more sensitive to the edge dulling, and I touch up the edge before it gets bad. With the heavier blades, the weight masks the dulling edge which results in an occasional sub-par shave.

I'll watch the progress of the V2 General with interest, but will probably wait until it's released in aluminium (if it ever is).

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- Yohann
Since the SS version is going to be a tad less than 100 grams in weight, I doubt we will want to pursue an aluminum version, but we will never close the door on possibilities.

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Will you be making any more aluminum Generals?
No plans at the moment to make an aluminum version again.

Ok thanks for the info
I have one I haven't used ... Ever ... Thats not right. I focused on the ss only. Tomorrow out for a spin.

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