2019 DFS Movember LE - Viking Shaving Brush Read more here!!


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These new unopened packs of blades can be yours. Offering up two sets as seen in the columns of DE packs below. Post that you are in and I will use a random number generator and compare against the post number in this thread. Offer ends on Sunday at noon ET.

Edit - there will be two winners, one for each column of blades Smile

[Image: Zo46wrd.jpg]
I'm in.
I'm in
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Old Shaver
North Cackalacky
I'm in. Thanks.

Random # generator ran for min 2 and max 4 and came out 2, 2, 3. PM incoming for shipping info for #2 and #3 post number.
Thanks for the PIF gregcss
"Always walk where you like your steps"

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