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I ordered Wholly Kaw Cuero Oscuro splash from Maggards since I really enjoy the scent of the soap. Unfortunately, MR accidentally shipped me another soap instead of the splash. Thankfully, they told me to keep the soap and they immediately shipped out the splash. Awesome service that ensures no hassle for the customer. I dread having to return items due to vendor mistakes. Shavemac made me do this <grumble>, although in that case the item was pretty expensive so i guess it was understandable. Anyway, I'd love to pass the soap on to someone else to enjoy.

This is the regular tallow formula which I find to be excellent. The scent is a strong smokey, woodsy, leather. I love it ( as I do most WK scents!)..

Here is the scent description from the WK site:

Quote:It is always darkest just before the day dawneth – Thomas Fuller.

Scent to inspire hope under adverse circumstances. “Remember,” they say, “that the darkest hour of all is the hour before day.”

Cuero Oscuro or Dark Leather – A dark and very masculine scent for Fall and Winter.  This scent is not floral, fruity or powdery.  Leathery and smoky.  A radical departure from our other scents.  In developing this scent, we saw a fork in the road and we took it.  Off the beaten path. Off to an adventure that took us to unexplored olfactory journey.

A masterful blend of leather, vetiver, cedarwood, tobacco, patchouli, oakmoss and coffee to top it off. Think of rawhide leather scent or boots or farm hand’s gloves or…

- Just say you're in to participate
- If you win, please post a comment in the thread about the soap after using it.
- If you win and don't enjoy the soap, please PIF it to someone else. Feel free to pick someone else from the thread or another way if preferred.  
- I'll pick the winner randomly in a few days.
I'm in. Thanks.

I'm in. Thanks for doing this.

I'm in! Thanks for the opportunity!
- Jeff
I’m in. Love Wholly Kaw!
WK is awesome stuff. I'm in!

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I'm in.

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I'm definitely in, I've been looking for a smokey scented soap.
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I'm in. Thanks.
A/K/A Jeff
I am definitely in

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