2019 DFS Movember LE - Viking Shaving Brush. Read more here!!


Des Moines, IA
In please.

And thanks for doing the PIF

Great gesture mate.

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I'm in.

Thanks for the opportunity

Atlanta, GA
I’m in. Thanks for the opportunity.

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I’m in, thank you.

Great PIF! I’m in, most certainly. Thanks for the opportunity.
I'm out, because no love for those external of CONUS Sad
And I really really would like to try their product for the first time.
Best of luck to those lucky enough to be in to win Smile

Metro Detroit
I'm in
Haven't had a chance to try WK , I'm in! Thanks for your generosity. [Image: e7dac817edd3e77f62640dbd468e3706.gif]

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Jeff -L.O.S.E.R.
Looks like our participants are set, so off to random.org we go.

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