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I was recently the recipient of a very generous PIF, from a member of this forum, and wanted to pass along the spirit and contents of that PIF to others. The PIF includes the below two vintage Gillette razors. These razors were given to me to try for the first time, and they undoubtedly improved my shaving experience (so much so that I’ve already purchased a few Techs on the side). I hope they do the same for others.

The only qualification for this PIF is that you have NEVER tried a vintage Gillette but we’re always curious what all the talk was about.

1 Gillette tech 1957 ball end type -- pretty good shape
1 Gillette Super Speed 1950's --- A little brassy but functions well.

The first person to respond with “I’m in” and confirms they’ve never tried the above razors, will be the lucky recipient. Thanks.

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I'm in!

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PIF closed. Thanks.

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