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I do love my Haslinger tallow. Haven't tried the new veg stuff yet. The prices a lot of the artisans are charging these days is getting to rich for my blood. Actually I can afford it just don't want to pay those prices.

St. Louis, MO
Our new LVS. Boxed puck, $9.99

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CRSW Schapenmelk is pretty much a perfect soap and a true bargain at $8.95. Used it today for the 1st time. Really easy to make a slick and thick lather. Scent is excellent, not overly strong but certainly not weak either. I think I found my everyday soap. Skin feels great with no tightness.

West Coast USA
Disappointed that Haslinger went non-tallow. A few soaps have made the transition but it's a handful, most go downhill in quality. Sounds like the tallow stock is long gone from merchants.

Voting for Tabac, and also a few classic shave sticks, Speick and Palmolive.

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