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(09-22-2017, 06:58 PM)BadDad Wrote:
(09-22-2017, 07:39 AM)andrewjs18 Wrote: Polishaver, has BadDad sent you the items yet?

Life has been...hectic. I have gone through(and continue to go through), som absolutely crazy stuff over the last couple weeks that have occupied my mind and time. I owe everyone a HUGE apology. I have not sent out the soap yet, but I have the address and it will go out tomorrow morning.

I apologize. I can't go into all the nonsense I am muddling through, but it doesn;t matter. I apologize to everyone for ignoring my other responsibilities.

I will send Polishaver tracking information as soon as I get it out.

Again...I am truly and humbly sorry for causing such inconvenience.

no big deal, BadDad. I hope things work out for you!

(09-28-2017, 08:54 PM)rogue13 Wrote: [Image: lqFBK4x.jpg]

Hi got these today. Not long got in from work so obviously had to shave & on first impressions very good. Will post full review once I have used them a bit more.

nice to see that they're listening to our feedback regarding the tubs for the soap!

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Hi everyone, here is my view on Black Tie Razor goods. I like the idea of one soap & you just buy the shave oil scent or scents you like to add to the soap, it works well. Its also a good space saving idea as well (missus already asked when I am clearing out the cupboard when she saw these products).
So here I my view on their products.
No13 soap is unscented but has a very slight earthy smell. It is a very hard soap but it lathers up easily especially with my synthetic brush. I found the lather to have a good slickness with a good cushioning on its own. But when you add the shave oil scent it comes to life even more. The slickness & cushioning is improved a bit more & the scents explode. The post shave is good to.
I tried different ways to add the oils, I put 4 drops on the soap & loaded the brush then lathered up, the scents smell was great. I also rubbed 4 drops on my face & then lathered up this time I found the scent smell wasn't as strong but still good. But by far the best way was to lightly scrape the soap into a bowl add 4 drops of oil & lather up with a wet brush & it really explodes, the scent smell was stronger. Either which way I done it the lather was excellent just the scent smell varied.
This soap I think is great value for money as you do not need a lot of soap or work to make a great lather. This is a fantastic soap.

The shave balms also come in the same scents as the shave oils. Mine was the Casino Royale, which is my favourite scent. You don't need a aftershave with this as it has a strong scent which lasts for hours. The cream it self feels thick & greasy at first but as soon as I put it on my face it cools your face while you feel it moisturize you skin & after a minute it has fully absorbed into your skin. I really like this balm. You don't need a lot either so it should last you a long time.

The Shave oil scents depends on what scents you like. But here is my take on them:

An Affair- this scent I found sweet woodsy with a hint of vanilla on a warm summer day. This was my partner favourite scent & my 2nd choice.

Casino Royale-this scent is my favourite scent its a strong intoxicating smell with a Lavender & Oaky citrus with a light sweetness. Its just great.

El Hefe- this is a mild smell & at first I wasn't sure but once lathered up it improved. I found it unique with a musky smell with a smell of Autumn woods. It has a very slight medicated smell, (not sure what) but in a nice way.

Lil bit O'Texas- This is a very woodsy scent. The strong woodsy scent with a slight citrus top note with a manly kick. For me it gives you a lift.

Steppin Out- this is a light scent, again once lathered it comes live, it has a warm aromatic scent with Jasmine & a fruitiness its just a nice scent.

Black Tie Razor labels & tubs of Black & White is simple & effective, & the size of soap the tub is spot on .

I am highly impressed with all the Black Tie Razor goods simply great stuff. Also their customer service is top notch.
So if you fancy something different I would highly recommend Black Tie Razor goods.

Also want to Thank dominicr for this opportunity

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L.Clint from U.K.
Thanks for the review, very comprehensive!

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We appreciate the time you took to do the review. We're excited to know our stuff is on the other side of the pond.

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Where we at with the US passaround?

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Polishaver, did you receive the package from Chris?
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No Andrew, I 've been waiting by the mailbox to no avail Big Grin
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Anything? What's up?

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still nothing, Polishaver? it was last with BadDad....
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Nothing to report Sad
Jeff -L.O.S.E.R.

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