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Mail called... Palmira Serbia shaving soap 70 grams each very very cheap to get from eBay.

[Image: 3451-AD3-A-B441-4-AD6-B978-63-F52-A86-CC1-C.jpg]

The soap is very soft easy to press into a 250ml tub and the scent smell very much like Cella shaving soap

[Image: FD2-D412-B-0-EB0-44-FE-8-C9-F-A91-FDCB2-C92-B.jpg]

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I tend to destroy wallets for some reason, so I thought I’d try one of these. They say it has a 100 year guarantee.
[Image: 035fc9465f46eea24543e53ce87db3a4.jpg]
[Image: 5145e06ab92d4c3558e29f8810882ee7.jpg]
[Image: a8f948e828a51b8751ece0b8099e93f4.jpg]

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