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ML gave me a new fountain pen for my birthday earlier in July.

A Visconti Michelangelo True Blue. I have the original Michelangelo in black and bronze. This is the same pen in a different color scheme.
[Image: RYMqF64.jpg]

It has a rare earth magnet to hold the cap close. It uses friction fit to post.
[Image: X4OfROs.jpg]

It is a beautiful pen in blue resin with light rose gold accents.
There is a spring loaded pocket clip and the nib on mine is fine.
[Image: tyFxwSq.jpg]

Like my original Michelangelo this pen is wet and even the fine nib puts down a lot of ink. I use a quality ink and do not have too much trouble with my left hand smearing. I love the pen. Probably the classiest one in my collection.

The same weekend as my birthday we went antiquing. ML found this Wality pen in rose gold filigree. It is piston fill only and has a window to see ink levels.
[Image: kRBE6Hl.jpg]

Wality is a present day Indian pen manufacturer. Though they do not have this pen on their site and we can not find any info on this model.
It is a nice looking pen and writes very well. ML likes it.
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(07-29-2017, 10:13 PM)PhilNH5 Wrote: Nice haul Freddy.
Love the funky but practical bottle. How does the ink handle?


I like Akkerman inks and they work well.
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