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Spread The Word...and WIN!

The way Bay Rum was meant to be!

Yes, it's time for another Most Epic Giveaway! 3 Lucky winners will receive a Collectible 7 Ounce Rustic/Futuristic Stoneware Whisky Jug of Atomic Age Bay Rum and a Vintage Style Blade Bank!

How to Enter...visit http://atomic-giveaway.com for details and official sign up!

A Collectible Stoneware Whiskey Jug?

Yes indeed my friends! Being that Atomic Age Bay Rum is so near and dear to me I really wanted to do something special, classic and what I call Rustic Futuristic!

Aside from collecting vintage razors I am also really into antique stoneware whiskey jugs...they fascinate me! While collecting them those two worlds collided the day I stumbled upon a tiny jug of aftershave by Captain Cooke! I have never heard of the brand nor know exactly when its from but I was immediately inspired to do my own...and so it began!

Each jug is hand poured, corked and sealed traditionally with bottle wax. Included with the jug is a special edition cork and orifice reducer to be used after opening. These little jugs of Atomic Age Bay will look superb in any man cave or shave den.

Needless to say I am super stoked about this giveaway and wish you fine folks all the luck in the known galaxy...you got this!

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