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I rescued this very unique vintage Coti that lives in a labeled wooden case. It measures in at 5 x 1 3/4. It has a interesting surface heavily peppered with manganese dots. It also has angular fissures that make the surface looks to me like storm clouds. With all that is going on with this stone, it is very hard and smooth as glass, no effect at all from the storm clouds on function. I honed and refreshed a few blades on this stone. It was surprisingly fast on slurry but slow on water. Using only water, it produced a mellow Coti edge that we all love but took some effort to get there.

[Image: kqDgDCF.jpg]

[Image: NIYgIhF.jpg]

[Image: Z5OLIaZ.jpg]

[Image: hRmUiEb.jpg]

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St Petersburg, Fl
NOS Old Rock Cuticule, around 80 years old give or take a year or two

[Image: qkzEEaU.jpg]

[Image: 6PRvXNU.jpg]

[Image: 4jBWos4.jpg]

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St Petersburg, Fl
A couple of Coti's found in the wild over the past few months. A 2 x 4 deep rock and a 8 inch with same rock slurry stone

[Image: FC8rPhs.jpg]

[Image: cUviYSA.jpg]

[Image: 4CGPnV4.jpg]

[Image: zDbspQ2.jpg]

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Wow - I've never found a Coti in the wild... Clearly I need to look closer!!

Don't tell us - you paid under $12 for each.

St Petersburg, Fl
(02-19-2018, 03:25 AM)Drifter Wrote: Wow - I've never found a Coti in the wild... Clearly I need to look closer!!
Don't tell us - you paid under $12 for each.

They are out there. You don't find them every day, keep looking and you will be rewarded. Some were less and some were more than $12, but there were priced by motivated sellers

St Petersburg, Fl
Two flea market found Coti's found last month all cleaned up and lapped. These beauty's measure in at 8 x 2 and a 9 1/2 x 2 3/8. Only played with the 9 inch a little, but it appears to be fairly fast on slurry removing steel. It has a nice swirled surface with a mag Circle in the corner. The 8 inch has nice potential being very hard and slow in every way. Mag line and dots on the rather clean surface. Two nice hunks of Belgium real estate

[Image: qSuOhxa.jpg]

[Image: o9FPBWL.jpg]

[Image: h0MgTp5.jpg]

St Petersburg, Fl
This coticule followed me home from the market today. A natural 2" x 8" stone that is extra fat at 1 1/8" thick. Gave it a quick toss on a 100 grit diamond disk that I have been using of late to see what is under the funk. These disks on a granite slab make short work of all stones, including novaculite. Will finish it off with some higher grit and give it a good home. First picture is condition as found

[Image: 0YKJTya.jpg]

[Image: r5LwDDW.jpg]

[Image: n5UT2W3.jpg]

[Image: FKv2YJW.jpg]

St Petersburg, Fl
Found at a estate sale, a 5" x 2 1/2" x 7/8" natural wavy combo followed be home. A very comfortable in the hand stone.

[Image: 9JOBVOt.jpg]

[Image: GDflbCM.jpg]

[Image: 3Ylh2ze.jpg]

St Petersburg, Fl
A wavy flea market coti that was broken in two. I repaired by glueing back together and than epoxied to a BBW. Cut, trimmed and lapped back to life

[Image: EWTxP0P.jpg]

[Image: iOvDMyJ.jpg]

[Image: sZICUV7.jpg]

[Image: vLPA9Zs.jpg]

[Image: iBykPkZ.jpg]

[Image: dgtjTOa.jpg]

[Image: TuYFJJe.jpg]

[Image: eujBWCe.jpg]

[Image: CWyDQh7.jpg]

[Image: nUhbNRQ.jpg]

St Petersburg, Fl
A pair of 7 x 1 1/2 inch coticukes from the flea market. One was in a custom wooden case with the BBW glued to a backer. The second is a nice wavy natural

[Image: k5FA0xH.jpg]

[Image: fxKEULq.jpg]

[Image: DZbaurn.jpg]

[Image: j5hCE04.jpg]

[Image: C9JzCjl.jpg]

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