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Palmolive men. On the stick. Great for travel.

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Acqua di Parma Colonia soft shaving soap (v.1)
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VI-JOHN Icy Mint

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Trismegistus t. (Declaration Grooming) Terre d’Hermès

Terre d’Hermès smells to me like grapefruit and cedar. I don’t get that mineral flinty note that puts the “terre” into the fragrance’s name. All the same, it smells great, especially in small doses when the weather is warm. DG’s Trismegistus is virtually identical: clean crisp citrus followed by dry cedar wood with a dash of incense at the bottom. If you like the cologne, you will also like the soap. The name ‘Trismegistus’ apparently refers to the philosopher Hermes Trismegistus, whose esoteric writings inspired Hermeticism (worth a visit to Wikipedia to learn more). DG’s soap has nothing to do with philosophical arcana, of course. They’re just playing with the words ‘Hermès/Hermes.’ It’s fun to see how creative soap cookers are when it comes to naming their wares.
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