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Declaration Grooming Harmony. I really like this soap. Great scent and the performance of the Icarus base is as good as anything out there that I’ve tried and I’ve tried lots Happy2
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A member here (GlazedBoker) received a tub of Grooming Department Veritas that was liquid. He put it in some sample jars and gave it to several of us to try. This mornings shave came from a sample. I seldom bowl lather but did so this morning. First off let me share that I needed more product as the slickness was lacking but the scent! The scent seems to me a marriage of leather and the cherry of an Italian soft soap. It blew my mind. I'll report when I get more soap on my jowels.

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Idaho Falls, Idaho
(03-15-2019, 02:21 AM)Bouki Wrote: Cape Verde t. (Mickey Lee Soapworks) citrus fougère

(Day 1) – A liberal dose of oak moss gives this tart fragrance a bitter edge that just balances its beach bright mandarine and tangerine notes. It's herby and fresh at the same time and makes a splendid early spring fougère. Today's lather was surprisingly light compared to the wet and weighty BM Reserve I've used the last few days, but the results were still excellent, a clean close shave with a rich finish thanks to the lanolin and Shea butter. I only wish the cushion were deep enough to sink a blade into without worry.
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I do like Cape Verde!

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PAA Shave Oil
Pacific Shaving Shave Stick

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B&M - Lavanille

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Dscosmetic 2 band Silvertip [Image: 14f772b167db416f1e8e49ac658b018b.jpg]

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MdC day 4!

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