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B&M Latha / Sandalwood [Image: 1a79e05e1affd79e43b436a0b985b90b.jpg]

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Los Angeles
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CRSW Citrus Paradisi

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Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
Eufros/Jabonman Tobacco shaving soap (tallow)
[Image: upYjsvJ.jpg]

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Tallow + Steel Madagascar

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San Diego, Cal., USA
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Grooming Dept Sandalwood Nobile

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Shaving Enthusiast
Kansas City, Missouri
Grooming Dept. Barbershop
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Sicilian Lemon

Really appreciate the ease of lather on this product. Sometimes when one if in a hurry, it is nice to get a good face full of suds with little effort! Nice scent on this, and I think I like their ASB better than their pucks. [Image: 6d43893e81af9afa5935309786e4cfdc.jpg]

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