BSB-1 (Aluminum) / Muhle - STFv2 XL

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[Image: 75919e4ad5f2672f6f46566cf7d55353.jpg]
ŌKU Málaga by P&P prototype - 26mm selected silvertip extra dense.
Handle is still WIP refining things.

Greetings from Santa Rosa, CA

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High rise hive[Image: 3e9d654a36696690d6a7298c39f42037.jpg]

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[Image: UE4Jjng.jpg]

TDR/Square Root Pascal 26mm PHD

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Санкт Петербург . Россия.
[Image: mkSXS0C.jpg]

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[Image: wP3544t.jpg]
Viking Shave ebonite with turnnshave tips 28mm fan. 
Happy shaves 

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Sherborn, Mass.
[Image: mSGgsE7.jpg]
Frank Shaving 24mm x 50mm Silvertip Badger 

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expert shaver
Port Saint Lucie
Zenith boar

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[Image: HVuK4NX.jpg]

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