I cant get over the semogue boar owners club. I like it so much I bought a second one and now have the cherry wood and ivory resin handles. I cant seem to go back to badger at the moment

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I have a Wolf Whiskers Scorpion with an Envy Shave HMW fan knot that has been superb.

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Los Angeles
I do not have one in particular, I have several;


[Image: tFewvV0.jpg]


[Image: OQOAR9x.jpg]


[Image: dqjsEk5.jpg]

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For me.

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1) Razorock 400 Plisoft Synthetic 24mm
2) Yaqi Cola Synthetic 22mm
3) Shore Shave Custom (Bill Reid) Synthetic 24mm
4) Simpson Colonel X2L Best Badger 22mm

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I love my Simpsons Chubby 3 Manchurian!

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Living on the edge
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Wiborgs are bleached and the knots are made in China so how could they be any good. 
As mine has found a good home, I have a new crush.
The Thater 4670 LE...magical hair and knot.

Photo Credit: E. Engler

[Image: eOwK5lL.jpg]

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Sherborn, Mass.
[Image: 0iG7SEW.jpg]

Maggard 22mm Aluminum Handle 2-Band Badger

[Image: POJ2pnD.jpg]

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