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Roller Guard-Henso[Image: 02937ca2f79279b9015ad53fa91783c9.jpg]

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RFB with a Bic Chrome Platinum blade
Hello everyone, i m a seller on Amazon main item is butterfly double edge safety razor. NOW we have new items want to look for some reviewer test our razor. 50% discount. just need 9.5$. razor size is 10cm handle, main material is brass. weight 120g. if you are interesting pls contact us. skype: jason.xie51

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Gillette Aristocrat / Feather blade [Image: 602848c6a3174ebb2a7bf5b3d976d915.jpg]

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Karve/Plate F with a Gillette Nacet Blade

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Raw Shaving RS-10/UFO Colibri
Personna 74 Tungsten (24)
[Image: I9jTu0R.jpg]

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(5 hours ago)churchilllafemme Wrote: Raw Shaving RS-10/UFO Colibri
Personna 74 Tungsten (24)
[Image: I9jTu0R.jpg]
Wow. How many more shaves will you get with the personna 74 those are my favorite blades

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