A tub of Trumpers Coconut SC
Clubman Brandy Spice AS


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New York
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(05-29-2019, 11:04 PM)mrdoug Wrote: So many good reviews for this brush and I need a 7th brush in my rotation. I think it'll be different enough to compliment my collection? It's a Yaqi 26mm.[Image: 7c5bc490ba5c79fd452f06d5228d76bd.jpg][Image: 8c62f5f31fd482ea728f1c67c10a5c9f.jpg]
It arrived today and I have to say, this thing is really good. It's larger than my other Yaqi brushes. It's tall, so no clunking against the lather bowl (I'm looking at you Moka). It builds a big lather with it's fair amount of backbone. It is soft and splays easily allowing a smooth and comfortable application of the lather. I'm quite happy.

Next up, I have a tin of PDP 63 en route. Should be delivered tomorrow.

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New York
PDP arrived... That's a lot stronger, muskier, than everyone described. Hopefully it doesn't sustain like that or I'll need to leave the tub of soap open for a few days. Lol. I think I'm very sensitive to musk scents.

Just ordered a tub of Hendrix Classics Southern Comfort. I got the barbershop on review here and I like it a lot. After some interaction with the owner, I have to say he is such a class act. I definitely want to give him business, he deserves it. I'll post a review to the forum when I get it.

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George F. Trumpers Coconut SC
Clubman Brandy Spice AS


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Williamsburg, KY
Not out for delivery yet. But Eric Sorrentino sent an update on a brush I commissioned for my wife. Little more finish and the quarter moon cashmere knot will be set tomorrow
[Image: oXqu8tI.jpg]

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Mexico City
Declaration Jefferson Unicorn Ivory B8

Try This Soap by Declaration Grooming

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New York
Just ordered today, should ship soon. [Image: e31f2be8b9d9bd9bd99365444d0d3e37.jpg][Image: 4faa256c4f53238905c1d0eb665d5365.jpg][Image: a897e981abb3f13308c0e2ace5711a8a.jpg][Image: ac9d6c2df8fc50cd9998a597d2854d61.jpg][Image: 846afb630bc3396dc94bb41399c6c76a.jpg]

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Colorado Springs
Some new goodness from my favorite soap maker!

[Image: e2f31a333405f1cfff8d2af557709488.jpg]

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Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
A brass Wolfman OC razor is on the way.
[Image: Vtlwc9h.jpg][Image: 2SkzVwN.jpg]

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New York
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A Gillette NSC I won the auction for and a beautiful 24mm keyhole brush put together by a friend. Both are enroute this week.

The NSC is gold tone finish and a year yet to be determined. Hopefully it is in as good condition as it looks.

The brush has a PAA synthetic head, akin to the Atomic Rocket, and a flaming box elder wood keyhole handle.

Very excited for this week's delivery. [Image: c42596a806560e32e3a40d4655ffaa1b.jpg][Image: baf5354c91a31c657e242e62abfab357.jpg]

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