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I had noticed a while ago that nobody had posted a thread like this for aftershaves. We have one for razors, brushes and soaps so I figured why not?

Kevin (kwsher) graciously sent me some samples of the new Barrister's Reserve Classic Splash to try as I didn't get any with my order of Night Music (got it from IB and apparently they didn't have the samples to dole out at the time). Anyway, that's what I used today. Very nice aftershave, IMO. So what did you use?

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- Jeff
Myrsol Metisol. It isn't the most moisturizing, but it really does a great job of sealing cuts and tightening the skin! Love this splash.

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Austin, TX
I like this one Jeff- good idea!

Today I used Myrsol Blue.

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Simpsons Aftershave Balm. A little goes a long way, it leaves no oily/greasy feel on my face, and it has no scent so doesn't clash with my cologne/EdT du Jour. Smile

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Why not just put it all in one thread? I usually add it to the soap thread anyway though.

I don't know. "What soap did you use today?" is not "What aftershave did you use today?" Different question.
- Jeff
B&M Leviathan aftershave tonic and Stirling unscented aftershave balm with menthol.
Haslinger Sandelholz After Shave Balsam

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Today I used Chatillon Lux Champs de Lavande aftershave followed by the matching Champs de Lavande salve. The soap was B&M Lavanda Latha. Complemented very nicely.

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Geo. F. Trumper Coral Skin Food, a particular favorite.

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