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Paradigm Ti I. - or can offer USD 500,-
BBS-1 SS - found
Wolfman WR1 in Ti or/ and WR 2
Declaration Grooming B5 brush 30mm - found
Rooney Finest 3XL (30mm)

Cash can be added or requested. Of course, I am opened to more items (and have more items to trade as well) but mentioned above is what i am looking for mainly.

It looks like this thread need more fuel ... so two items added to trade option ... Gillette Toggle and Wolfman OC .86 ...

[Image: FZqNYem.jpg]

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PM sent. I've got both a Rooney finest and a 30 mm B5

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Answered, bought. I am not looking for B5 anymore. Thank you.

I am not looking for BBS-1 anymore. Just bought one. Thank you.

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