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San Antonio, TX
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Prices include fees and shipping to CONUS. International will pay difference above $8 please PM for quotes.
-Simfix Grosvenor Ebony SiLVERTiP 2-band (22x48) - $99
-Simpsons 58 Manchurian Tortoiseshell (24x52) - $175 SOLD
-Somerset Simpsons Chubby 2 best (28x54). Little lampblack fading but great. - $150
-Chubby 2 Manchurian Disco (28x50) - $275 SOLD
-Shavemac 173 Tortoise Silvertip 2-band fan (28x50) - $150
-Shavemac Raptor Copper swirl D01 3-band (27x52) - $125
-Lutin Bloodwood w/ V2 (25x49) - $125 SOLD
-Shavemac D01 2-band Brown-beige (23.5x46) - $75  SOLD
-GA 7 Ebonite Shavemac Silvertip 2-band (26x52) - $150
-Shavemac 167 Butterscotch D01 3-band (27x54) - $140
Razors and blades:
-ATT Kronos w/ R2 and M1 plate - $120 (would entertain a baseplate trade for H1)
-Razorock Game Changer .84P SB on Super Knurl with pouch - $45 SOLD
-Razorock Hawk V1 - $25 KEEPING 
-Ikon shavecraft #101 Dual Comb - $30 SOLD
-7 packs of Gillette 7 o'clock Super Platinums (49 blades total) - $15 TRADED

[Image: TZIJSFU.jpg][Image: m10bRpY.jpg][Image: BZdp169.jpg][Image: NkcyKfS.jpg][Image: bHcNCYf.jpg][Image: WYZdxl1.jpg][Image: M7AbaDu.jpg][Image: t0CGFg2.jpg][Image: f6QXM1H.jpg][Image: 6Gb9AuZ.jpg][Image: YI9nR0l.jpg][Image: LC0NASv.jpg][Image: MEFmX5z.jpg][Image: bMaHpUT.jpg][Image: rXsDWVS.jpg][Image: Q8DSUNh.jpg][Image: 4v2lIZ2.jpg][Image: hPwuYQj.jpg][Image: NZbngII.jpg][Image: mBXVVCs.jpg]

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San Antonio, TX
Updated to reflect weekend sales. Reasonable offers will be considered!

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